• Erez Reznikov

    Erez Reznikov

  • Asaf Yaffe

    Asaf Yaffe

    Making Intuit awesome by hiring A-Player talent. Never settle.

  • Or Tsury

    Or Tsury

  • Rabin Sharma

    Rabin Sharma

  • Product Wenc

    Product Wenc

  • Danny Semiat

    Danny Semiat

  • LC Fawcett

    LC Fawcett

    UX Designer at V-Cult, on a mission to promote knowledge and cultural transmission through XR design. http://lcfawcett.com

  • Yael Levin

    Yael Levin

    Product Manager. Learning something new every day. You can follow me on LinkedIn to see more insights and progress from my journey!

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