A Product Manager’s Journey Into The Dark Statistics of Crime (Part II- The Story with Crime)

Why is crime-based media keeping breaking revenue records, unlike no other in their respective media categories? And how does this relate to product management?

We live in a society that is obsessed with crime.

Game of Thrones has broken so many records while presenting some of the most violent crimes in today’s television, spiced up with fantasy dragons.

What’s the deal with true-crime?

So, yes. We consume crime content in a variety of formats, but one thing is still not clear. Why?

The questionnaire presented the 6 options with a scale of 1–5 of how much do you agree with the element presented (1-low, 5-high)

So how is all this connected to product management again?

As product and UX professionals, our users' motivations are a critical factor in understanding the experiences we want to build and provide value.

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